CakeFest 2015 - Who is on board?

May 28th - May 31st, CakeFest 2015

The CakePHP Conference 2015 in New York

What is the CakeFest

It's the annual conference dedicated to CakePHP.
Join us now at the awesome meetup of most CakePHP devs.

What is this site for

We hear it all the time in the IRC channel: "Are you going to the fest?" etc.
Currently, it is difficult to know from all devs who will be at the conference, and from when to when. This page helps to set a basic attendance overview. Also, if you allow other people to see your email or provide an IRC nick, you might be able to connect before, after and especially during the event to socialize, hang out or party :-)

The attendees this year

Currently, 11 devs submitted their attendance schedule so far:


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